Section Name Description
Tutorials on General Moodle Usage for Everyone Book General Moodle Information

This book resource contains general information about Moodle. There are resources for the Moodle Mobile App, browser information, understanding course codes, and highlights of new text editor features available in Moodle.

Book Common user issues in Moodle

This book resource will highlight some of the common issues Moodle users may encounter. There are specific instructions on how to resolve these known issues.

Tutorials for Students Book General Course Information for Students

This book resource contains information on locating your courses in Moodle, customizing course lists, submitting assignments, posting to discussion forums, and locating grades. There are also some general course information items.

Book Student Created Video Presentations

This book resource contains information on how to access the Panopto media system. Panopto is MNU's video hosting program. This resource will describe how to use Panopto to create video presentations for your coursework.

Book Zoom Webconferencing Tools for Students

Student tutorials for downloading and accessing Zoom meetings

Tutorials for Instructors Book Welcome to Moodle!

In this resource, faculty will learn about Moodle, the LMS (Learning Management System) currently used at MNU.  

Book Online Teaching Strategies
Book Course Settings
Book Course Setup
Book Moodle Activities

This resource provides specific instructions to create an assignment activity, Book resource, forum discussion, and quiz.  Additional details concerning quiz and assignment settings can be found in the subsequent book resources. 

Book How to Create an Assignment Activity in Moodle

In this resource, faculty will learn how to create and grade an assignment activity in Moodle. 

Book Quizzes
Book Grade Book
Book Faculty Created Video Presentations
Book Webconferencing tool tutorials for Faculty
Book LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS is a content management system that allows library resources to be placed directly in the Moodle course based on discipline or content. 

Page Faculty/Staff Access Student Information in New Student Orienation
Book Classroom Projection Directions