• Moodle 3.0 Instructor Orientation

    Moodle has made a few changes that will provide more options to you as an instructor.  Highlights of Moodle 3.0 include new interactive questions types in the quiz activity, improvements in the ATTO text editor, a name change to provide consistency in the grade book and lasting course editing improvements.

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    • Instructions: Clicking on the section name will show / hide the section.

    • New Quiz Options

      Instructors now have four new options in question types in the quiz activity. New question types include select missing words, drag and drop into text, drag and drop onto image, and drag and drop markers. The following video demonstrates the use of these new question types.

      • Course Editing Updates

        Options for editing, highlighting, hiding and deleting sections are now combined into one action menu streamlining the course page and simplifying the editing process. The following video demonstrates the past and present course editing features.

        • Creating Tables

          Now you can more easily add and configure table when editing text and there are some new equations in the equation editor.

          • Grade Book Information