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How do I disable auto-links?

By default, Moodle will create links to resources within a course. In other words, if you create a resource and then use that resource name elsewhere in the course, Moodle will automatically create a link between the name and the resource.  However, you may prefer to create these links manually, which means you will need to disable auto-linking.

In order to disable auto-linking, please follow the outlined steps:

1. Enter your course and navigate to the Course Administration block by selecting the "Edit" cogwheel in the top, right corner of the course.

2. Select "Filters" 


3. From the "Filters" menu, you can choose to disable auto-linking by turning off "Activity Names Auto-Linking": 

Turn Auto-Linking Off

4. Select "Save Changes"

If you elect to disable auto-links, you will need to follow this process for each of your courses.