Common user issues in Moodle

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Book: Common user issues in Moodle
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Date: Sunday, April 11, 2021, 2:45 PM


This book resource will highlight some of the common issues Moodle users may encounter. There are specific instructions on how to resolve these known issues.

Common user issues in Moodle

Below are several links to some information regarding common issues that occur for users with Moodle. Most issues have to do with settings you may have on your computer, so you may need to adjust those settings. You do not have to view these tutorials in sequential order. You may "pick and choose" as needed.

Moodle won't let me log in. What could be the problem?

  • Check your browser. Firefox is the best browser to use when viewing Moodle. You will want to make sure that you have enabled Java-script, Pop-ups, and Cookies.
  • If that doesn't work, check your password.
  • You can change your password by going to the MNU Portal and clicking on the Account Management link:

Account Management Link

  • Click on the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts.

Forgot password

In the event that does not reset your password, please contact the Service Desk during normal business hours at 913-971-3333. Or you may submit a helpdesk ticket at and someone will assist you as soon as possible.


I can't find my Course List. Where is it?

You have three options for finding your courses in Moodle.

1. Use the Moodle Dashboard located on the Moodle homepage.

Dashboard Location

When you click on the Dashboard, you will be able to access the "Course Overview" which will organize your classes in the following categories: "In Progress, Future, and Past".

Course Overview

2. Use the "My Courses" block on the Moodle homepage.

"My Courses" will populate the most recent courses directly on the Moodle homepage; however, this will not be a complete list.  The "Dashboard" will be the best location to access a complete list. 

My Courses

3.  Search for your courses directly using the "Search Courses" box on the Moodle homepage.

To search for courses, you will need to include course catalog number and the course reference number or CRN  and click “Go”.  

Search Courses

How do I maximize my screen space?

In order to maximize your screen space, when working in the Moodle classroom, click on the triple bar ("hamburger") icon to hide the left navigation block.


Before Maximize Space


After Maximize Space

I can't access a course in Moodle. Getting a "Time Zone" error message.

Occasionally, some people have difficulty opening a course. They are receiving the following error message:

Time Zone Error Message

If you receive this error message, look at the description in the yellow and red at the top. You will note that it says "DateTimeZone". This is an issue some people may experience when Moodle is updated. If this occurs, the problem is that your time zone is not set correctly. Yes, it is important to set the correct time zone for where you live.

There is a simple solution:

Correcting Time Zone error

Selecting the proper timezone will not only allow you to access your courses properly, it will adjust your submission settings accordingly. For example, if you have an assignment due at midnight Central time, the submission status will tell you it is due at 10:00 p.m. for people who live on the West Coast.

This should not be a major issue, but it would be a good idea to double check it whenever a Moodle upgrade occurs. If you continue to have issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket ( Please be as detailed as possible.

Error message - browser is blocking 3rd party cookies

If you are attempting to watch videos in a course, you may receive the following popup error message:

It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party session cookies which are required for the Kaltura application. To resolve this issue, please update your settings to allow 3rd party cookies.

This error message may occur if you are attempting to watch videos that have been created through our Kaltura media system. The reason you are getting this message is because you have your internet browser set to block all "cookies". Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer. It is often necessary to enable cookies on your browser in order to view the content.

The following document details how to enable cookies on several popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox): Enabling 3rd party cookies in browsers

If you are still using Internet Explorer 11, instructions can be found using this document: Enable or disable cookies in IE 11.

Windows 10 users may find this document helpful when using the new Microsoft Edge browser: How to Enable or disable cookies on Edge browser.

If you continue to have issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket ( Please be as detailed as possible.