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Date: Monday, October 26, 2020, 11:19 AM

MNU Media Site Overview

The MNU Media Site (powered by Panopto) is sort of like a private YouTube site for MNU. You can make screen capture videos, upload videos from other sources, and all of it integrates with your courses here in the learning management system (Moodle). If you make a cloud recording of a Zoom meeting, it will be automatically copied to your My Folder in this site. 

The following video provides a brief overview of the MNU Media Site

What is Panopto?

What is Panopto?

Panopto is an online video platform and video repository tool. It is similar to YouTube, but the difference is that Panopto is MNU's private video platform. Panopto allows you to create and share video and audio files within Moodle. Students can use it to create video and audio presentations for assignments, projects, etc.

You can access Panopto directly from any text editor in Moodle, or you can access via the web by visiting: media.mnu.edu.

Panopto Capture

Panopto Capture allows a user to easily record audio, video, and screen capture from their browser.  

The following video details how to use Panopto Capture: 

How to Record and Embed Videos in your Moodle Course

How to Create an Assignment Folder

In order for students to create Panopto videos, as well as view peer videos, faculty must create an Assignment Folder within Panopto.  The following guide and video details the steps faculty must take to create Assignment Folders in Panopto. 

Creating Assignment Folders in Panopto

Creating Assignment Folders in Panopto (mac)



Assigning a Video Assignment

If assigning a video assignment in Moodle, faculty must ensure students have access to the text box to allow for uploading via Panopto.

A text box is automatically provided in a discussion forum; however, faculty must enable "online text" for submission types in the Assignment activity settings: 

Check "Online Text" under Submission types in an assignment activity

Assisting Your Students: Posting and Submitting Panopto Videos

Once you have created your Assignment Folders in Panopto, you may need to instruct students on how to properly upload and submit Panopto videos within your Moodle course.  The following guides offer step-by-step instructions for students to post a Panopto video to a discussion forum and submit a Panopto video as an assignment. 

For Students: How to Post a Panopto Video to a Discussion Forum 

For Students: How to Submit a Panopto Video as an Assignment 

How to Edit Your Panopto Videos

How to Add ASR Generated Captions to a Video

You have the ability to add ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions to your Panopto videos.  The following instructions will guide you through the process of adding, editing, and publishing captions in your Panopto videos:

How to Add ASR Generated Captions to a Video

Additional information can be found on the Panopto Support website. 

How to Embed Previous Kaltura Videos into your Moodle Course

How to Create a Webcast Using Panopto

Panopto has the ability to webcast all recordings live over your network or the Internet. You will be able to watch live webcasts back in the Embedded player as well as the Interactive player.  You can share the webcasts with your students or other faculty.  In order to create a webcast:

  1. Open the Panopto recorder and select the "Webcast" box in the top, right corner.  You can then select the red Record button: webcast box and record button
  2. A webcast link will then populate at the bottom of your screen to allow you to share your webcast with students and/or faculty: webcast link

Additional information can be found on the Panopto Support website. 

How to Move Videos to Different Folders

There are times in which you may need to move a Panopto created video to a different folder.  For instance, when Zoom meetings integrate to Panopto they are housed in the host's "My Folder".  In order to embed these sessions into your course, you will need to move the video to the course folder.

To move a video in the MNU Media Site, following these directions: 

1.  Access the MNU Media Site from either "My Media" in Moodle or media.mnu.edu 

2.  Access your "My Folder" 

3.  Within the folder, select the video you want to move and select "Move":

4.  Using the drop-down menu, select the folder you wish to move the video to by scrolling through the options or typing the course name:     

5.  After the folder is selected, select "Move":

Additional Tutorials - "Getting Started with Panopto"

Panopto has provided several other tutorials and videos to assist you, and your students, with creating, uploading, and editing your Panopto videos.

Please visit "Getting Started with Panopto" to view these videos.

Additionally, each of these videos has a Share link, that then provides both a direct link and embed code, if you wish to share or embed these videos with students in your online classroom. 

Using PowerPoint to Create Video Presentations

Faculty and students can use PowerPoint to create presentations with both audio and visual elements.  

Microsoft provides great training materials to assist in getting started with creating PowerPoint presentations. 

However, it is important to note that a PowerPoint with voice over, and other audio and visual elements, is often far too large to upload to Moodle; therefore, you will need to save the presentation as a movie file.   Please use these instructions to save your presentation as a video.   Once your presentation is properly saved as a video file, please upload to Panopto following the instructions outlined in the chapter "Uploading and Embedding with Panopto". 

*Please note, depending on file size, this process may take quite a bit of time.*

How to Record Your Screen in PowerPoint

When creating course materials, recording your screen is often necessary.  Panopto is the recommended video platform tool; however, PowerPoint also offers the ability to create a screen recording that can be converted to a Panopto video and posted to the online classroom.

To create a screen cast using PowerPoint, follow these instructions from Microsoft. 

Once you create your screen cast, follow the instructions in the next chapter to upload your presentation to Panopto.

Uploading and Embedding With Panopto

After you have created and properly saved your PowerPoint presentation as a video file, go to the course in which you wish to add the video and follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the section you wish to embed the video

2. Select the resource in which you wish to embed the video.  Most often, a Page, Book, or Lesson resource will be used.  However, a Panopto video can be embedded into the course anywhere a text editor is available.  

3. In the text editor, select the green Panopto button: 

panopto button

4. Select "Upload":

Select Upload and Drag Video

5. Drag your PowerPoint video file to the box provided, and allow time for the file to upload:

Allow video to load

6.  Select "Insert":

Insert video

Record Video Using the Moodle Recorder

Faculty and students can also add video to a course by using the "Record a Video" function found in the text editor.  This is the ideal practice if faculty or students are simply wanting to record a webcam or audio.  Please be advised, the Safari browser does not work with this function, so students and faculty should download a compatible browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge). More information can be found by viewing the following video: