Faculty Created Video Presentations

Using PowerPoint to Create Video Presentations

Uploading and Embedding With Panopto

After you have created and properly saved your PowerPoint presentation as a video file, go to the course in which you wish to add the video and follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the section you wish to embed the video

2. Select the resource in which you wish to embed the video.  Most often, a Page, Book, or Lesson resource will be used.  However, a Panopto video can be embedded into the course anywhere a text editor is available.  

3. In the text editor, select the green Panopto button: 

panopto button

4. Select "Upload":

Select Upload and Drag Video

5. Drag your PowerPoint video file to the box provided, and allow time for the file to upload:

Allow video to load

6.  Select "Insert":

Insert video