Faculty Created Video Presentations

How to Move Videos to Different Folders

There are times in which you may need to move a Panopto created video to a different folder.  For instance, when Zoom meetings integrate to Panopto they are housed in the host's "My Folder".  In order to embed these sessions into your course, you will need to move the video to the course folder.

To move a video in the MNU Media Site, following these directions: 

1.  Access the MNU Media Site from either "My Media" in Moodle or media.mnu.edu 

2.  Access your "My Folder" 

3.  Within the folder, select the video you want to move and select "Move":

4.  Using the drop-down menu, select the folder you wish to move the video to by scrolling through the options or typing the course name:     

5.  After the folder is selected, select "Move":