How to Create an Assignment Activity in Moodle

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Book: How to Create an Assignment Activity in Moodle
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Date: Monday, October 26, 2020, 11:43 AM


In this resource, faculty will learn how to create and grade an assignment activity in Moodle. 

1. What is an Assignment Activity?

Moodle activities are building blocks for creating active learning and assessment pieces of your course. Activities generally require active interaction with the students, such as with assignments and quizzes. Often these activities have associated assessments that are tied to grades, and therefore they are usually linked to the Gradebook in Moodle. 

In this resource, you will learn about the Moodle Assignment activity.  You will use this activity to allow students to submit work, access feedback, and view grades all within the Moodle classroom.  

Activity or Resource menu option, pointing to the assignment resource

2. Creating an Assignment in Your Course

The following video details how to create an assignment activity in your Moodle course: 

After you view the video, you may find additional information Using Assignments from Moodle Docs. 

3. Grading the Assignment

Once students have completed and submitted an assignment, you will have the opportunity to grade within your Moodle classroom.  There are two ways we encourage faculty to grade assignments here at MNU: 

Grading from the Assignment Page 

Grading from the Grader Report 

Additionally, when students submit an essay, or larger assignment, in which in-text annotations are needed, you can do this directly within Moodle.  View the following video to find out more: