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This resource provides specific instructions to create an assignment activity, Book resource, forum discussion, and quiz.  Additional details concerning quiz and assignment settings can be found in the subsequent book resources. 

1. How to Create a Discussion Forum using Ratings

Please view the following video to learn how to create a discussion forum in your classroom using ratings for grading, the grading option that allows faculty to rate each post individually.  There are now two options for grading forums in Moodle: Whole Forum Grading or Ratings.  

This video provides instructions for creating a forum and enabling ratings:

1.1. Whole Forum Grading

Whole forum grading allows faculty to grade all submissions at once with advanced grading features.  Please be advised, faculty must select either Whole Forum Grading or Ratings for grading.

To enable whole forum grading in Moodle, faculty must: 

1. Create a forum 

2. Scroll to "Whole Forum Grading" in the forum settings and select the options applicable to the assignment:

Whole Forum Grading Option in Discussion Settings  

3. Save and Return to Course

4.  Once students have posted in the forum, and it is time to grade, select the "Grade Users" icon to grade users: 

Grade Users Icon

Additional information about Whole Forum Grading is available in the following video: 

1.2. Best Practices for Online Discussions

Here at MNU discussion forums will be an integral part of your Moodle classroom.  As a component of your online course, the discussion forum will allow you and your students the opportunity to discuss and engage with the course materials and concepts presented.  As a component of your traditional on-ground course, a discussion forum will allow students to post questions or participate with peers outside of your regular class time.

The following article provides really great strategies and tips for using an online discussion forum.  

Avoiding Death By Discussion Forum 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

2. How to Create Book Resource

Follow the outlined instructions to create a Book resource in your course: 

1. Go to your course

2. Turn editing "On"

3. Scroll to the desired module you wish to add the Book resource and select "Add an activity or resource":

Add an activity or resource

4. Select "Book" and select "Add":


5. Name the Book and enable Activity Completion, per the week's due date, and select "Save and Display":

Name and Activity

Additional information concerning Book resources can be found on MoodleDocs, as well as the following video: 


2.1. Course Syllabus

At MNU, you are required to post your course syllabus within your Moodle course, regardless if you are teaching online or in the traditional classroom.  Rather than post the syllabus as a static document, it is best practice to post your course syllabus using a Book resource, utilizing the chapter feature to separate the sections of the syllabus.  An example syllabus is provided to you in the Demonstration Course, and the following are the required chapter sections: 

Course Information 

Course Description


Teaching Philosophy 

Course Schedule

Course Policies and Procedures




Special Accommodation

Academic Success Center

Academic Misconduct

Learning Outcomes

3. How to Create a Lesson Activity

Much like a Book resource, a Lesson activity allows faculty to package course materials to clearly organize and present information to students.  However, unlike a Book resource, a Lesson  activity allows faculty to assign points to the resource, as well as include multiple choice, true/false, matching, short answer, and essay questions directly into the lesson.  

The following video details how to create a Lesson activity in your course: 

The Moodle docs website has additional information for creating a Lesson Activity

3.1. Lesson Resource: Essay Feedback

A Lesson resource is very similar to a Book resource; however, faculty have the ability to add questions (multiple choice, true and false, matching, short answer, and essay) to the resource.  Currently all essay feedback can only be viewed by students when emailed directly.   However, faculty can add a Lesson feedback block to the course to allow feedback to be viewed in the course.  The block, if enabled, will appear in the right corner of your course, and students will be able to view all feedback (comments and points) directly in the course.

To enable the block:

  1. Turn editing on in the course 
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the left navigation bar and select “Add a Block”:

Turn editing on and select add a block

  1. Select “Lesson essays feedback”:

 select lesson essay feedback

  1. The block will now appear in the right navigation bar of your course (here is a student view of the block):

 student view of lesson feedback block


4. Assignment Activity

Follow the outlined instructions to create an Assignment activity in your course: 

1. Within the course you wish to include an assignment, turn editing on.

2. Scroll to the section you wish to add the assignment, and select "Add an activity or resource" and select "Assignment":

add an activity or resource

3. Type the assignment name and include detailed instructions in the "description" section: 

assignment activity

4.  Use the "Availability" section to indicate a due date and a window for late submissions .

5. Determine the submission types you will allow, as well as the type of feedback you plan to provide. 

6. Consider enabling Turnitin to check assignment submissions for plagiarism and originality: 


7. Connect the assignment to the gradebook by determining grade value and category settings.

8.  Mirror the "Availability" due dates in "Activity Completion". 

9. Select "Save" to publish the assignment. 

Watch the following video for more information about the Assignment activity 

5. Quiz

A quiz is an excellent way to check for understanding and test student comprehension in your course.  The following materials provide instructions for using the Quiz activity in Moodle: 

Building a Quiz

Quiz Settings

Automatic Grading Video: