Moodle Activities

4. Assignment Activity

Follow the outlined instructions to create an Assignment activity in your course: 

1. Within the course you wish to include an assignment, turn editing on.

2. Scroll to the section you wish to add the assignment, and select "Add an activity or resource" and select "Assignment":

add an activity or resource

3. Type the assignment name and include detailed instructions in the "description" section: 

assignment activity

4.  Use the "Availability" section to indicate a due date and a window for late submissions .

5. Determine the submission types you will allow, as well as the type of feedback you plan to provide. 

6. Consider enabling Turnitin to check assignment submissions for plagiarism and originality: 


7. Connect the assignment to the gradebook by determining grade value and category settings.

8.  Mirror the "Availability" due dates in "Activity Completion". 

9. Select "Save" to publish the assignment. 

Watch the following video for more information about the Assignment activity