Moodle Activities

3. How to Create a Lesson Activity

3.1. Lesson Resource: Essay Feedback

A Lesson resource is very similar to a Book resource; however, faculty have the ability to add questions (multiple choice, true and false, matching, short answer, and essay) to the resource.  Currently all essay feedback can only be viewed by students when emailed directly.   However, faculty can add a Lesson feedback block to the course to allow feedback to be viewed in the course.  The block, if enabled, will appear in the right corner of your course, and students will be able to view all feedback (comments and points) directly in the course.

To enable the block:

  1. Turn editing on in the course 
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the left navigation bar and select “Add a Block”:

Turn editing on and select add a block

  1. Select “Lesson essays feedback”:

 select lesson essay feedback

  1. The block will now appear in the right navigation bar of your course (here is a student view of the block):

 student view of lesson feedback block