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Importing a course

How to Import a Course

If you have previously taught a course in Moodle, or if you have been working on a development version of a course and you are ready to begin using it, you will want to use the Import function to copy the structure and content to another course.

To import, follow the outlined instructions:
1. Login to Moodle.
2. Click on the title of the new course you would like to import content into.
3. Create the same number of sections in the course, as the course you plan to import. If you need to add more sections to equal the number in the original course, click "Add Sections" in the bottom right portion of the course:

Add Sections

4. Click on the "Edit" cogwheel in the top, right corner and select Import:

Edit and Import

5. A list of previous courses will be displayed. Choose the course you want to import. If it is not in the list, do a search. To facilitate your search type in the course name, catalog number and CRN (5-digit number). Example: EDUC-1234-54321. (Use dashes to separate the information – no space between dashes).
6. Click Continue once you have selected the course.
7. The first page will be a "Backup Settings" page. Please keep everything checked here and click Next.
8. Deselect any activities you do not want to copy into the new course as you scroll through each section. Click Next.
9. Review all selections and once satisfied click Perform Import.

Click on the link below for a set of instructions on how to import a previous course into a new semester course.

How to Import a Course