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Why aren't my grades calculating correctly?

Often times, grades will not appear to calculate correctly in the gradebook. This is due to the instructor doing a manual override on the grades and entering a grade into a calculated category. For a set of printed instructions (PDF), click here: Correcting a calculation error in the gradebook

When manually entering grades in the Grader Report area, it is important to note just exactly where you are entering grade values. Calculation errors often occur when entering grades into the wrong column.

 For example, a common error is when grades are entered into a Course Total or Course Category column. This will void the gradebook from calculating grades properly. Follow the steps below to correct the problem.

Correcting gradeboook calculation error 1

Notice the Course total score is currently highlighted in yellow. This means a manual entry has been made in this calculated column and it will disrupt the gradebook from making the correct calculations. To correct the problem, follow these steps:

Turn editing on in the Grader Report (top right of the Grader Report page)

Correcting gradeboook calculation error 2
Locate the grade you need to change. Click on the Cogwheel icon in the yellow box. Correcting gradeboook calculation error 3
Correcting gradeboook calculation error 4

A new window will open. Uncheck Overriden.

At the bottom of the page, click Save changes.

Correcting gradeboook calculation error 5

Note: This will need to be completed for every student for the column to calculate correctly!

When you are finished, your Course total column should no longer be highlighted in yellow; rather it should look similar to this:

Correcting gradeboook calculation error 6

Be sure to turn off the editing mode when completely finished.

Correcting gradeboook calculation error 7

Now the grades will be calculating correctly.