Student Created Video Presentations

What is Kaltura and where do I find it??

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is an online video platform and video repository tool. It is similar to YouTube, but the difference is that Kaltura is MNU's private video platform. Kaltura allows you to create and share video and audio files within Moodle. Students can use it to create video and audio presentations for assignments, projects, etc.

Where do I find Kaltura?

 A  set of print instructions can be accessed by clicking on the link below. A video is also available with instructions on how to access Kaltura Media.

Kaltura will allow you to create several types of rich media, including screencasts (with or without webcam), webcam videos, and audio podcasts. These resources can be directly embedded into a discussion forum or can be submitted as assignment. Click on the arrows in the lower right corner to view this video in full screen mode.

How to access Kaltura Media (print instructions)