Student Created Video Presentations

This book resource contains information on how to access the Panopto media system. Panopto is MNU's video hosting program. This resource will describe how to use Panopto to create video presentations for your coursework.

Creating Videos Using PowerPoint

Uploading and Embedding with Panopto

After you have created and properly saved your PowerPoint presentation as a video file, go to the course in which you wish to add the video and follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the section you wish to embed the video

2. Select the resource in which you wish to embed the video.  Most often, a Page, Book, or Lesson resource will be used.  However, a Panopto video can be embedded into the course anywhere a text editor is available.  

3. In the text editor, select the green Panopto button: 

panopto button

4. Select "Upload":

Select Upload and Drag Video

5. Drag your PowerPoint video file to the box provided, and allow time for the file to upload:

Allow video to load

6.  Select "Insert":

Insert video