General Course Information for Students

Where do I find my Courses?

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, you will notice a difference in the Moodle home page. The My Courses box, located at the bottom of the main page, has disappeared. (Print instructions - click here)

My courses deleted

This course box was determined to be confusing, as it did not display current courses and it would only display ten courses at a time.

So, How do I find my courses? You can find your courses in two locations.

Course overview list

On the home page of your Moodle courses, look to the left side of the home page. You will see a Course Overview block. This is one place where you can find your courses. This Course Overview block will only display active courses - that is, a course that has been activated by your instructor.

But I still can't see all of my courses! Why not? Good question! Here's the answer. At the top of your page, you will see tow drop-down boxes - Term/Academic Unit and Instructor. As in this example, be sure both boxes are displaying All.

But now my list is very long! It shows all of my courses, some from previous semesters that have not been turned off. Is there a way to hide them? The answer is Yes! Further information can be found in the Moodle FAQ section for students. In the Questions and Answers for Students, look in the Book Resource title General Course information. The document you will be looking for is title How can I customize my Course lists?

There is a second option for locating your courses.You can click on the Dashboard link. This link can be found in two places. You will find the Dashboard link in the black toolbar across the top of your Moodle page. There is an additional link below the blue login button on your home page.

Click here
Moodle toolbar
Or here
Dashboard link

Either link will take you to the same location. This is an alternate way to access your courses. The Dashboard also gives you a Course Overview list. This list can also be customized.

Course over list 2

Course Overview list 3

You will find instructions on how to customize the Dashboard list in the Book resource and document mentioned above - How can I customize my Course lists?

Whether you manage your courses in the Course Overview block on the home page or the Dashboard list, that is entirely up to the user. Some users prefer the convenience of having the Course Overview list on the front page, others prefer the Dashboard list.

If you have any questions regarding your courses, please consult the FAQ list first. If you do not find the answer to your question, please submit a helpdesk ticket using the following link: