General Course Information for Students

This book resource contains information on locating your courses in Moodle, customizing course lists, submitting assignments, posting to discussion forums, and locating grades. There are also some general course information items.

How do I participate in a discussion forum?

In many of your courses you will be asked to share your thoughts and/or information in a discussion forum.  A forum is a way for the students and instructor to interact.  Some forums may be used as a simple question-and-answer sessions between the instructor and students.  Other forums may be used as graded assignments.  Your instructor will provide information about the forum requirements and expectations in the course.  

In order to participate and post in a discussion forum, you will begin by selecting the appropriate forum in your Moodle classroom. 

Select Forum

Next, you will post and participate in one of two ways (depending on the instructions provided by your instructor). 

1. Add a new discussion topic: 

Add a new discussion topic

2. Reply to a thread: 

Reply to thread

After you select either reply or create new, you will need to type your post. 

type your message

After you are satisfied with your message, you will scroll to the bottom of the page to post your message.

Scroll to Post Message

Finally, you will confirm the status of your discussion post by receiving confirmation.