General Course Information for Students

This book resource contains information on locating your courses in Moodle, customizing course lists, submitting assignments, posting to discussion forums, and locating grades. There are also some general course information items.

Where do I find my grades for a course?

There are two ways to locate your grades in Moodle: 

1.  Click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of your Moodle page.

profile name

Click on "Grades"


You will see a complete list of the courses in which you are enrolled and a grade for the course. Clicking on the course hyperlink will give you a more detailed listing of your scores within that course.


2.  Locate individual course grades within the courses in which you are enrolled.

First, access your course through "My Courses" in the left navigation bar or through the "Dashboard". 

Next, you will simply click on "Grades" in your left navigation bar.