General Course Information for Students

This book resource contains information on locating your courses in Moodle, customizing course lists, submitting assignments, posting to discussion forums, and locating grades. There are also some general course information items.

How do I take a quiz in Moodle?

  • Click on the quiz link on the course homepage and read the information to check you're in the right quiz.
  • Click on "Attempt quiz now" button.
  • Click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to see the next page of questions
  • Click on the "flag" in the box next to the question to put a temporary marker on it


  • Notice the Quiz navigation block. You can use it to jump to any question.

quiz navigation.png

    • A flagged question is shown with a red triangle at the top right
    • Questions on the current page are shown with a thicker border
    • After viewing a description, it is shown with the bottom half grey
    • After saving an essay question, it is shown with the bottom half grey
    • A dependent question is shown in grey with a padlock icon
  • To finish the exam,click "Finish attempt" in the navigation block of "Next" on the last page of the exam.
  • The "Summary of attempt" page - reviews the questions and alerts you to questions not attempted.


  • Click on any question page number or "Return to attempt" to go back to the quiz.
  • Click on "Submit all and finish" to have your quiz scored. A warning will pop up telling you you can no longer change your answers.

If Moodle detects that the student's Internet connection has dropped, and the Quiz autosave feature is enabled, a warning message is displayed, prompting the student to make a note of recent responses.

Disconnection warning

Quiz autosave is enabled by default, with the default time period set to 2 minutes. This autosave period can be changed, or the setting disabled completely, from Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Quiz>Autosave period.

How to review a quiz

  • In the quiz navigation block
    • A correct answer is shown with the bottom half green with a white tick
    • A partially correct answer is shown with the bottom half orange with a white circle in it
    • A wrong answer is shown with the bottom half red
    • An essay question (requiring manual marking) is shown with the bottom half grey
    • A flagged question is shown with a red triangle at the top right

quiz navigation review.png

  • In the questions themselves, correct answers will be in green with a check mark next to it. Incorrect answers will be in red with a cross next to it.
  • According to your teacher's settings, you might get general feedback, specific feedback on each question and/or overall feedback on your final score.
  • Although the quiz may have been split into multiple pages, the review will show all the questions on a single page to make it easier to navigate. You can chose to review the quiz with separate pages as it was when you took the quiz.