General Course Information for Students

This book resource contains information on locating your courses in Moodle, customizing course lists, submitting assignments, posting to discussion forums, and locating grades. There are also some general course information items.

Recommended Technology for Students in MNU Courses and Programs

Computer Hardware

To participate successfully in courses in the various MNU programs, (and particularly for all online courses and programs) all students must have individual access to a personal computer of one of the following types (Recommended: no more than three years old):

1.   Microsoft Windows:

    • Windows personal computer (desktop OK, laptop recommended), with the Windows 10 or newer Windows operating system, or a Windows 10 tablet computer (e.g., Microsoft Surface) or newer.
    • NOTE: Windows Smartphones are NOT sufficient technologies by themselves.

2.   Apple:

    • Mac (desktop OK, laptop recommended), with the Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or newer Mac operating system
    • NOTE: Apple tablets (e.g., iPads) and Apple smartphones (e.g., iPhones) may be handy to have for some courses and activities, but they are NOT sufficient technology by themselves.

3.  Others:

    • No other devices are supported or recommended for MNU online courses and programs
    • Android devices (tablets and smartphones) WILL NOT work for some critical functions.
    • Chromebooks and other Netbook computers MAY NOT work for some features and functions, and therefore are not recommended.

4.    Recommended Extras:

    • Webcam, for creating presentations for assignments
    • Multimedia headset (microphone and headphones) for creating presentations for assignments and for participating in online real-time conferences. A USB or Bluetooth mic/headset is recommended for better audio quality than using the built-in mic on your computer or tablet.


At least one week prior to the first session of your course or program, you must be sure your computer has current versions of the following software that may not have been initially installed on it:

  1. Web Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge web browsers are recommended for most MNU online activities. It is recommended you install at least two of these. (download the newest Microsoft Edge built from the Chromium engine). Note that the Safari web browser is not compatible with all MNU resources. 
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Download at:
  3. Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft 365, or a later version.
    All MNU students may download the full Microsoft Office Pro product for free from the MNU portal once they have their student login ID and password.

Internet Access

You must have reliable access to the Internet. At least 1 Mbps bandwidth is recommended.
Dial-up and satellite-TV Internet connections are NOT recommended.


If you have any particular questions about technology in your program, please contact your program advisor.