General Moodle Information

This book resource contains general information about Moodle. There are resources for the Moodle Mobile App, browser information, understanding course codes, and highlights of new text editor features available in Moodle.

Can I use any web browser to access Moodle?

Updating your Internet Browsers

It is important to keep your browsers updated. This keeps everything running smoothly! Please note that most browsers can be set for automatic updates – that is, it will update in the background and when you open it for a new session, the updates will have been applied.

Below are instructions on how to manually update the most common browsers.

Firefox (PC, Mac) Recommended browser for use on laptops with Moodle

Update Firefox Mac

update Firefox2

Chrome browser update

Safari update

Internet Explorer (PC) - Internet Explorer 11 is the latest browser for Windows 7 and 8. Previous versions of IE (IE 8, 9, 10) are no longer supported by Microsoft. If you need to update to IE 11, do a search for IE 11 update. Be sure you are downloading from a verified Microsoft website.

Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) - Edge is the newest browser packaged with the Windows 10 operating system. Edge is updated when Windows 10 is updated. For more information, watch the following video: