General Moodle Information

This book resource contains general information about Moodle. There are resources for the Moodle Mobile App, browser information, understanding course codes, and highlights of new text editor features available in Moodle.

Toolbar Buttons in the default Atto Editor in Moodle

Below is a graphic and explanation of the buttons located in the Moodle Text Editor. This is the new "Atto" editor.

  1. Expand textbox editor- Allows user to toggle between full screen and small screen textbox editor views.
  2. Paste special- Allows user to copy text from Word, Google Docs, or other word processed materials and paste simplified text into the Moodle textbox editor. It removes most of the invisible software code that can cause problems in Moodle.
  3. Expand textbox editor- New location of expansion button, allows user to view all options available in the textbox editor
  4. Text color options- Allows user to select a text color to draw attention to important pieces of text.
  5. Remember: Web design practices state that three colors per page is a maximum that should be used. Also, select colors with a high contrast to the background.Moodle Text Editor
  6. Highlight color options- Allows user to select a color to highlight important text.
  7. Bootstrap Grid-  Allows users to select a variety of grid patterns to organize content.
  8. Create a table-  New features include the ability to determine border type, size, color, as well as background color.
  9. HTML- Allows user to view HTML code with highlighted references throughout the code