Common user issues in Moodle

This book resource will highlight some of the common issues Moodle users may encounter. There are specific instructions on how to resolve these known issues.

I can't find my Course List. Where is it?

You have three options for finding your courses in Moodle.

1. Use the Moodle Dashboard located on the Moodle homepage.

Dashboard Location

When you click on the Dashboard, you will be able to access the "Course Overview" which will organize your classes in the following categories: "In Progress, Future, and Past".

Course Overview

2. Use the "My Courses" block on the Moodle homepage.

"My Courses" will populate the most recent courses directly on the Moodle homepage; however, this will not be a complete list.  The "Dashboard" will be the best location to access a complete list. 

My Courses

3.  Search for your courses directly using the "Search Courses" box on the Moodle homepage.

To search for courses, you will need to include course catalog number and the course reference number or CRN  and click “Go”.  

Search Courses