Zoom webconferencing tool tutorials for Faculty

Zoom videoconferencing

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Zoom is our newest webconferencing tool. The following videos (subchapters) will provide you with both video and webpage instructions for using Zoom. You do not have to view these tutorials sequentially. Feel free to explore the topics you need. If a topic you need is not listed, you can find more tutorials at the Zoom Help Center. Zoom is web-based; however, a desktop client download is available for Outlook and for mobile devices. The Outlook add-in is highly recommended for all laptop and desktop computers. 

Anyone with an MNU account, including students, will automatically receive a Zoom Basic license to use this product by simply logging in at zoom.mnu.edu. This provides capability to host meetings of up to 30 minutes in length, with up to 100 simultaneous participants. Upon departmental request, faculty and staff may have their license upgraded to a Pro license by sending a email request to lmshelp@mnu.edu. Pro licenses allow meetings of unlimited length with up to 100 participants.

If you have any questions or issues with Zoom, please submit a helpdesk ticket through the MNU service desk. When selecting the "problem type", please use Learning Management System. This will route your ticket to the proper administrators who can assist you with your issue.