Welcome to Moodle!

In this resource, faculty will learn about Moodle, the LMS (Learning Management System) currently used at MNU.  

3. How Do I Access My Courses in Moodle?

Now that you've learned a bit more about Moodle, let's explore what how you will access your courses in Moodle.

At MNU, all courses will require at least some component of their course inside Moodle.  Faculty, staff, and students will use their MNU login to access the LMS. 

There are three options for finding courses in Moodle.  

Option 1: Use the Moodle Dashboard located on the Moodle homepage.

Arrow pointing to Dashboard in the left navigation menu

When you click on the Dashboard, you will be able to access the "Course Overview" which will organize your classes in the following categories: " All, In Progress, Future, Past, Starred, or Hidden". Using the drop-down menu, you can select which list will populate.

Dashboard view with arrows showing Course Overview

Option 2: Use the "Course Overview" to sort for your courses by name or access.

Using the drop-down menu, you can select to populate course courses from most recently accessed to last, or you can list your courses, by name, in alphabetical order.

Course dashboard showing the Sort By option

Option 3: Search for your courses directly using the "Search Courses" box on the Moodle homepage.

To search for courses, you will need to include course catalog number and the course reference number or CRN and click “Go”.

Search Courses Toolbar

A printable version of this tutorial is provided below: 

How do I find my courses in Moodle