Welcome to Moodle!

In this resource, faculty will learn about Moodle, the LMS (Learning Management System) currently used at MNU.  

2. 7 Benefits of eLearning

Why fix it if it is not broken?  Why reinvent the wheel?

Many faculty and staff wonder why we should use a LMS?  Our LMS, Moodle, provides a lot of really great advantages and benefits for students, faculty, and staff.  There are seven clear benefits of eLearning, described below and outlined in the infographic that follows.

7 Benefits of eLearning

  1. Scalable: Allows instructors to quickly create content and communicate information. 
  2. Capacity and Consistency: Allows instructors to provide consistent communication to all members of the target audience at the same time. 
  3. High Learning Retention: Allows for blended learning, which allows students to have a tailored educational experience, resulting in higher retention rates. 
  4. Saves Time and Money: An LMS allows for classroom instruction outside of a physical classroom, so the cost of running a classroom is eliminated, so is the time and money spent on travel. 
  5. Activity and ROI Measurements: Instructors, and Administrators, can track student progress and efficiently develop reports on performance.
  6. Reduction of Carbon Footprint: With the use of the tools available in the LMS, printing paper is essentially eliminated. 
  7. Flexible: Students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and convenience. Instructors and students have the opportunity to work in the classroom from anywhere. 

Infographic - 7 benefits of elearning