Faculty/Staff Access Student Information in New Student Orienation

  1. Access Moodle through the portal or courses.mnu.edu
  2. Access New Student Orientation through the drop down menu under MNU Resources.

3.  To access reports on enrolled students status select Reports under Course Administration.

4.  To identify which areas of the New Student Orientation that have been completed select Course completion.

5.  To narrow search for individual students use the First and Last Name letter search.

6.  Course Completion Reports will appear in a a grid pattern noting the areas each individual student has completed

7.  To access a report of all students that have completed the course access Reports, Activity Completion in the Administration block of model and click MNU New Student Orientation Certificate icon.

8.  The next page will display a Summary of previously received certificates.  In the left corner, you will be able to click the report display each issued certificate for individual students.

Staff Access to Student Information in New Student Orientation (PDF)

Last modified: Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 4:48 PM