Overview of the Moodle resource

Navigating in Moodle

As a new user, one of the first things you need to become familiar about is navigating in Moodle. Moodle is really just a very specialized web site, and navigating its interface is much akin to learning how to get around in any other website. The LMS is where instructors will provide students with content for courses, where the instructor will have communications with students and classmates in a course can communicate with one another, and where students probably will be asked to demonstrate learning in the course using some of the LMS's learning assessment tools the instructor has chosen. Finally, instructors normally will be posting grades in the course all along the way, here in the LMS's Gradebook.

First of all, please note the menu band at the very top of this page. Here you will see some MNU-specific links to resources and help. More on that later in the section on Resources for Help .

To get started, please review the following brief video about Navigating in Moodle, specifically how to find your courses once you log into Moodle. 

Note: There is a Full Screen button in the lower right corner of the video player, if you'd like to enlarge the video for easier viewing.